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Physiotherapy from GK Physio & Pilates

At your initial 45 minute appointment a full assessment of your problem will be carried out. This will include taking a detailed history and followed by a physical examination, from which we will be able to determine the cause of your symptoms and how it can be rectified. We will always discuss your issues with you and help you understand how and why they have arisen and a treatment plan will be formulated.

Treatment will usually consist of hands-on therapies to provide rapid pain relief, ease stiffness and improve movement. Once the acute symptoms have settled we will then work on rehabilitating weak or tight muscles to restore functional, recreational and sporting activities, improve posture and most importantly, prevent recurrence.

“Can I just thank you again for taking my back issues seriously. For the past three months I’ve felt like I’ve been passed from doctor, to occupational health, to Physio and back again. Through all that time you are the only one who listened to me and made my back feel better. You have done what a whole host of ‘professionals’ up the road haven’t managed to do and I thank you deeply!!”.
— Jo, Glasgow.

Treatments Offered

  • Joint Mobilisations & Manipulation

    Often called manual therapy, the treatment involves applying passive movements to stiff joints in order to improve movement and pain.

  • Specific Soft Tissue Mobilisations

    Massage techniques which help reduce pain caused by injured or stiff muscles, ligaments and tendons and improve the healing process.

  • Education & Advice

    Postural re-education and advice on minimising daily stresses is vital to help improve and maintain functional wellbeing.

  • Exercise Therapy

    Exercises are used in conjunction with hands on Physiotherapy techniques and are important for keeping the movement gained at your appointment. We usually give you a small home exercise programme to optimise your improvement in movement, strength and function.

  • Electrotherapy

    Electrotherapy machines are used to promote healing, reduce inflammation and generate pain relief. However, these are used sparingly as we believe our patients prefer to be treated by a human, not a machine!

  • Kinesio-taping

    A specialist elastic tape used to facilitate proprioception and muscle function, providing an active support and relief of pain. Fundamentally different from traditional Physiotherapy methods of taping, it supports the joint whilst allowing it to move through full range.

  • Clinical Pilates

    Clinical Pilates is perfect for retraining over used muscles and strengthening weak stability structures which contribute to muscle imbalances. These can occur over time as a result of training for one particular sport, such as running or cycling, or working at a desk or computer. Muscle imbalances are a major cause of many problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain.

“When I first saw Gemma, I was unable to stand up straight or walk even short distances unaided. I am now pain free, straight and able to attend weekly Pilates Classes.” — Emma, Burley-in-Wharfedale.

One-to-One and Group Pilates Available

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