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At GK Physio and Pilates we have a lovely, bright and airy Pilates studio, in which our class members are taught in small groups. We teach both Clinical Pilates and also Pilates for performance and general fitness, strength and well-being. All classes are taken by chartered Physiotherapists qualified in teaching Pilates with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) so clients can trust them to provide expert care, and modify the exercises according to their problems and weaknesses. Clinical Pilates combines the early work of Joseph Pilates and current medical research into muscle physiology, biomechanics and muscle stability to create a safe, clinically effective program for rehabilitation. As this research develops clients can be assured that GK Physio will be at the forefront of this pioneering approach.

Clinical Pilates is perfect for retraining over-used muscles which contribute to muscle imbalances. These can occur as a result of training for one particular sport such as running, cycling, golf or working to a computer or desk.

“Following abdominal surgery in my mid 60’s, my consultant suggested Pilates. I booked in with Gemma and have never looked back. Seven years on it’s the highlight of my week. I am now so much fitter, have a better body shape and can keep up with class members 30 years younger than me. Oh and most importantly no ‘little accidents’ when I sneeze!”. — Kath, Ilkley.

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Pilates for Fitness

We also run classes for general well-being and fitness to improve posture, core strength, muscle tone and change your body shape. We also run weekly ante and post natal classes (babies welcome). Any of our Pilates classes can be adapted on a one-to-one basis if required, and many of the Clinical Pilates exercises are used in conjunction with Physiotherapy to improve many problems and prevent their recurrence.

One-to-One and Group Pilates Available

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